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The house Armagnacs Dupeyron is located in the city center of Condom, in the hotel de Cugnac, a former Chateau dating back to the XVIIIth century. The correct name of the producer’s property is in fact Chateau Ryst-Dupeyron. Mr. Dupeyron founded the Chateau and planted the original vines under the auspices of Napoleon III in 1832. In 1905, Mr. Joseph Dupeyron purchased the Chateau and all rights to the Armagnac produced. He is alive and well and supervises the production of Armagnac to this very day. His grandsons are now managing the House which stands out thanks to its thorough and reliable work of selection.

ARMAGNAC is a distilled grape brandy produced in Gascony, just southeast of Bordeaux, France. This ancient region used to be part of Navarra and now includes the department of Gers, part of the Landes, and a small part of Lot et Garonne. Armagnac Brandy is Appellation Controlee (AOC) and can only come from specific vineyards and approved grape varieties grown within the region

The use of the "Alembic Armagnacias" is the most important difference between Armagnac and Cognac distillation. Distillers in Armagnac use a specially designed type of pot still which permits only one distillation at low temperatures, thus retaining more of the character of the wine and vineyard soils. On the other hand, Cognac is always double distilled. For Armagnac, the result is a more full flavored brandy with more aromatics and character. The pure "eau de vie" comes out of the still at 58 degrees alcohol and requires long aging in oak casks to become softer, richer and complex

Armagnac producers have adopted some of the terminology used in Cognac to label their products: V.S. (Very Superior) or (Three Star.) ; V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale)  X.O. - HORS D'AGE - ; GRAND FINE, RESERVE DE FAMILLE, FINE DE LA MAISON, GRAND RESERVE, EXTRA VIELLE, L'EMPEREUR etc.

Armagnac has always had a history of vintage dating. Vintage Armagnac must be of the designated year and is stored in the cask until bottled with the vintage date on the label. After 40 to 50 years, Armagnac does not improve in the cask so that older Armagnac is kept in glass before bottling. Because alcohol attacks the cork, Vintage armagnac should be stored upright in a well humidified cellar.

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      Originally, la Maison Jules Gautret, founded in 1847, produced cognac and pineau des Charentes in Jonzac (Charente-Maritime department) and sold them in France and to a few neighbouring countries. After over a century's know-how and development, la Maison Jules Gautret merged with a Charentese cooperative group and became UNICOGNAC.

- VS, 12 x 200 ml without gift box
- VS, 12 x 375 ml without gift box
- VS, 12 x 500 ml without gift box
- VS, 12 x 0.75L without gift box
- VS, 12 x 1.00L without gift box
- VS, 12 x 1.75L without gift box
- VSOP, 12 x 200 ml without gift box
- VSOP, 12 x 375 ml without gift box
- VSOP, 12 x 500 ml without gift box
- VSOP, 12 x 0.75L without gift box
- VSOP, 12 x 1.75L without gift box
- VSOP, 12 x 1.00L without gift box
- XO in decanter, 12 x 0.75L with gift box
- EXTRA in decanter, 12 x 0.75L with gift box


  Brandy DILBERT 40° - 12 X 0.70L (Normande clear glass with screw cap)


  Brandy DELSAY 40° - 12 X 0.70L (frosted Normande bottle with cork and


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Armagnac Dupeyron. This is the oldest and best Brandy in the world. This rare Armagnac combines strength and elegance. Armagnac is the oldest French brandy and is the only one allowed to be sold as vintage, this means the producer is allowed to put on the bottle the year of production.

Armagnac Dupeyron are stored in oak barrel during the entire aging process and are only bottled right before being shipped. Each bottle is numbered and a certificate of authenticity is provided for bottles older than 1950. We are able to offer you a large range of vintage from 1850 to 1992 with almost all the years.